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Insoles & Cushions

Product Benefits

Increases Circulation
TheraSoles pumping action is medically proven to greatly increases your circulation. Especially beneficial to diabetics and also solves many other problems and discomfort.
Shock Absorber

TheraSoles dramatically reduce shock on the lower skeletal system. The food grade glycerin actually "floats the foot" The shock is absorbed by the insole instead of the ankles, knees, lower back.


Reduces Fatigue

People who work on hard floors can experience enormous fatigue at the end of a long shift. The resiliency provided by the use of TheraSoles allows the wearer to end their long day at work feeling less fatigue in their lower body due to the combination of cushioning, massage and shock reduction.

Reduce Risk of Painful Calluses & Plantar Warts

It is a known fact that liquid seeks its own level. The glycerin in TheraSoles will therefore allow even distribution of weight. TheraSoles are sets apart from foam, rubber or plastic insoles. The even distribution of weight also reduces the amount of friction on the feet, which can lead to relief from painful calluses, plantar warts and excessive perspiration.

Insoles come with a 1-year replacement warranty due to manufacture defect.  If returning the insoles, please WASH THEM and include the packaging.

EquaGel Seat Cushions come with a 18 Month manufacture warranty.  DO NOT leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
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