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Important Product Info

Product Information

***We recommend you gradually acclimate to our insoles. Please wear in 2-3 hour increments and increase daily until they feel natural. TheraSoles will improve the blood circulation to your feet which may make them feel warm. This is normal and will adjust quickly. TheraSoles massaging insoles may feel "Weird" the first time you wear them. This is normal and will subside and will be replaced with comfort.***

Machine or Hand wash in cold water.   AIR DRY ONLY!!


Only the toe area is to be trimmed. Please make sure to get the correct size and do not over trim. Damage to insoles from improper trimming is not warranted.

Insoles come with a 1-year replacement warranty due to manufacture defect.  If returning the insoles, please WASH THEM and include the packaging.

EquaGel Seat Cushions come with a 18 Month manufacture warranty.  DO NOT leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
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