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10" Texas Porch Fern

  • Kimberly Queen Fern aka Texas Porch Ferns

    Kimberly Queen Ferns thrive in part sun to full shade. This fern is also known to do well in fun sun, but it requires humidity and more regular waterings. Indoors, place your Queen Fern where it will receive at least a touch of natural light. This plant needs watered when the soil begins to dry out. Add our balanced, slow-release fertilizer when planting, in early spring, and late summer/early fall for best results.

    Kimberly Queen Ferns are hardy in zones 9-11. Cooler climates can plant in containers for the patio and move them inside in the winter to enjoy them year after year. These ferns can also be treated as an annual in zones 8 and colder. This fern is deer, rabbit, disease, and pest resistant.

    Add a touch of sophistication to your home with the easy to grow Kimberly Queen Fern! Order yours today!

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